ABA Classrooms

Sep 15th 2022 - Jan 31st 2030
Ratio:1:3 (one facilitator for three participants)
Location:164 Merton Street
Notes:To find out more information please contact coreservices@autism.net

The ABA classroom is a group-based skill-building program that offers children the opportunity to learn in a classroom-style environment.  This program focuses on teaching essential skills for success in the classroom, including following classroom routines, participating in conversation and social games, and learning school readiness skills. Our low staff-to-child ratios (1: 3) allow for focusing on individualized goals within the context of group instruction.   

 All clients will be screened for group readiness skills including but not limited to:

Ability to follow group instructions
Participate in a group setting without risk of elopement
Exhibit some independence with daily care skills
Ability to communicate needs

ABA Classroom Full Day
Ages 4-6 
April 3 –June 28, 2024
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 
9:00am to 3:00pm

ABA Classroom Half Day
Ages 4-6
April 2  – June 28, 2024
Monday to Friday
9:00am to 1:00pm or 12:00pm to 4:00pm

ABA Classroom Full Day
Ages 4-6 
July 2 –August 23, 2024
Monday to  Friday 
9:00am to 4:00pm

Services can be purchased using your OAP funding, out-of-pocket, or other sources.

Register via Amilia

In response to client and caregiver feedback, we have a new registration system – Amilia!

Amilia can be accessed via an app or desktop and is easy to use, transparent, and will record all the programs that have been registered. It will allow you to register and pay for activities, see the schedule, and get receipts ALL on one online platform. And best of all will remember your details every time!

To register for the ABA Classroom session, it is mandatory to complete and successfully pass the "ABA Classrooms Pre-Screening".  

Fill out the ABA Groups Pre-Screening Online Now        Go To Amilia

For more information or to register for the ABA Classroom or Getting Ready for Group program, please contact Core Behavioural Services at coreservices@autism.net .